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                The Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Activity "Full of Love, Together for Reunion" was Held Successfully

                On September 17th, Student International Communication Association of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and the International Student Association jointly organized the Mid-Autumn Festival themed activity "Full of Love, Together for Reunion". Chinese and international students gathered in the student Activity Center to participate in this activity.

                This activity was divided into two parts.The first part was to make lanterns to show missing. The second part was to make moon cakes for reunion.

                Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns are red, which symbolize "colorful dragon, prosperous people and strong country". Adhering to the concept of friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries, the Chinese and foreign students Association created a festive atmosphere for Chinese and foreign students to get together and make lanterns to celebrate the festival.

                "Small mooncakes look like the moone is ghee and maltose in it By teaching international students to make ice crust moon cakes by themselves, Chinese students have deepened their understanding of traditional Chinese food culture, and become ambassadors to tell Chinese stories in their communication with international students. It is the first time for many international students to experience making moon cakes and celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through this festival activity, they had a deeper understanding of the festival culture knowledge they have learned in class and felt the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

                The successful holding of the event enhanced the friendship between Chinese and foreign students, promoted the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and spread the traditional Chinese culture.